10 Best Photo Editing App For Android

Most of us have officially made a transition from the traditional point and shoot to the highly efficient smartphone. Thanks to vertically scaling camera technology. The point and shoot cameras will soon be history with the camera quality being comparable or at times being better than expected. And the performance perks come when there are post processing apps that enhance the appearance of photos. When you can look extra special in your favorite photographs with the photo editing tools that are free, then why not? So, here is 11 best Photo Editing App for Android.

1. PhotoDirector: The ultimate

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-PhotoDirector: The ultimate
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When an editing tool is released by a brand such as Cyberlink, it means you can expect the best from it. The PhotoDirector is a multipurpose photo editor. It is extremely easy to use that you can add overlays to edit the image and can get very creative with the effects and filters. If you are a pro editor, you will find a more formidable feature that lets you completely control the intricate details of the image such as the HSL tool and RGB curves.

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2. Adobe Lightroom Mobile: The heavyweight

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-Adobe Lightroom Mobile: The heavyweight
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If you are a fan of Adobe image editing tools, you will instantly fall in love with this app that is the brethren to the desktop version of the tool. The app is power packed with pro editing features that give the editor the complete control of the tool. All squeezed in a small package that fits right into your pocket. Certainly makes people say, “shut up and take my money.” However, to be able to use the Android version of Lightroom, you will need to have a subscription to Adobe Cloud Photography plan. But, if you are a serious smartphone photographer, you can’t be missing this app.

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3. Photo Editor by Lidow: The fast and fun

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android- Photo Editor by Lidow: The fast and fun
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Looking for fun ways to edit your photos without the hassle of sifting through a dozen photo editing tools that are tiring and confusing to explore? Then look no further than the Photo editor from Lidow. If complexity isn’t your thing, you will probably find it amusing to use Photo Editor. The fun goes a notch up when you have easy to use features that be applied effortlessly.

You can download this amazing app from here

4. VSCO Cam: The Android favorite

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-VSCO Cam: The Android favorite
Image Courtesy: i.kinja-img

It is one of the most popular image editing apps on Android. It packs the best features that let you play with the finest image editing tools. Just perfect to make your picture look extra special. VSCO has a dedicated camera app; Instagram-like user uploads page, and solid editing features. If you are in the pro league of smartphone photography, you will be living a dream with this app. VSCO Cam’s list of filters is one click fix for photographs to make it aesthetically charming.

The apps minimal interface makes it easy to use, and it is a serious game for professional editors who are serious about phone photography. The dials in the application are comfortable for use and gives subtle movements that are graceful for tweaking the images. And the better part – it is free for download.

You can download this amazing app from here

5. Photoshop Touch for phone: The classic

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-Photoshop Touch for phone: The classic
Image Courtesy: 3.bp.blogspot

Yes, it’s Photoshop! But wait! Don’t get too excited. Unlike the desktop publication, the Android app isn’t comprehensive. But, you will not be charged a massive subscription fee for using it. When you have paid $4.99, you will have some of the basic functions to toy around. The phone version of Photoshop is feature packed with color correction, layers, image exporting, and other minor tweaks. If you are unwilling to pay for a quality editing apps, then you can download the Photoshop Express. However, it is the most advanced image editing tool you can use on your Android phone.

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6. Pho.to Lab: The framer

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-Pho.to Lab: The framer
Image Courtesy: http://ope-api.pho.to

Pho.to Lab lacks a punch when it comes to unforgiving pro editing. However, it makes up for the absence of intense performance with several customizations. Such as, Photo frames stickers, filters, landscapes, colors and many more. It is incapable of contesting with the big leagues such as Photoshop or Snapseed for photo-fixing. But, if fun is what you are aiming for, here is an app you mustn’t ignore.

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7. Snapseed: The experienced

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-Snapseed: The experienced
Image Courtesy: droidmen

Developed by professionals from Nik Software, it is an ideal app for giving simple touches to your photos. Saturation, brightness, and contrast are some of the typical features that the application is capable of manipulating.  The app also has a full auto correction that corrects the image for you in a single push of the button.

Finer adjustments can be made if you are using touch gestures. If you are aiming for a much more physical feel, you can independently edit each selection within your photo.

Snapseed is known for its filters: Tilt Shift, Drama, Retrolux Vintage and other cooler things. And the best part is … its free of charge with no annoying ads.

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8. Cymera: The portrait photographer

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-Cymera: The portrait photographer

Cymera is a universally suitable tool for prompt editing of any photo. It is ideal for editing portraits. Photos can either be directly taken from the app’s interface, or you can import an image for editing in the gallery. The app features seven different types of lens and four unique recording modes for improved camera snaps.

There are more than twenty filters, portrait features, decorations, and make up effects that are available with the app. All the edited images can be easily shared with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr from the apps interface. The app is free of sponsored ads, light and easily manageable.

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9. Aviary Photo Editor: 1, 2, 3 – Meme!

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-Aviary Photo Editor: 1, 2, 3 – Meme!
Image Courtesy: androidpit

Aviary is used for typical editing such as cropping, rotating, auto-enhancing and correcting. It also has a focus function that lets you tilt shift, input texts, make cosmetic changes, and also a Meme Generator. Similar to the previous app, you can share your edited images on social media.

If you are aiming at in-app ad purchases, this is the app for you. As you continue using, you can make an in-App purchase of tools depending on your needs. It is also free of ads.

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10. PicsArt: The all-rounder

10 Best Photo Editing App For Android-PicsArt: The all-rounder
Image Courtesy: apkmirror

One of the popular free photo editor apps on the Google Play store. The app features a camera app, effects, drawing tools, filters and an option to share the images on social websites such as Instagram. PicsArt is also a social network where you get to share your artworks and creations.

You can download this amazing app from here

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