5 Best Paid Android Apps

Talking about the Android apps, the first thing comes to our mind is that they are available free of cost and contain a lot of ads. However, there are a few great apps out there on the Google Play Store; apps those are worth paying every penny for, so that you can have best android app experience. Therefore, here we have presented 5 best paid android apps.

Especially for the Indians, where people look the ways to get almost everything free, Google has made it convenient and easier for them to buy apps with the help of Google Play gift cards. However, until before sometime, these were only available on offline retail stores, but now you can find them on various online stores also.

No matter how much the apps are good, the majority of android users avoid buying the apps from Play Store. The primary reason for it is that the apps are not as good as they are in the iOS. So we have given you a list of the best android paid apps, have a look in the below mentioned list.

1. Shuttle+

The fist in the list is the Shuttle+. If you are in search of good quality music, Shuttle+ is definitely for you. Equipped with some of the best material designs and merged with some superb features, Shuttle+ offers you an awesome musical experience for the Android users.


Going for the paid version of the app adds extra value in the app. It not only allows you to explore the app but also you get the opportunity to edit id3 tags; cast your music to the devices that are enabled with Chromecast and many more.

Price: Rs. 20.00


If you want to buy & download the app, Click Here

2. Battery Widget Reborn

You may find the remaining battery percentage in almost all the Android devices. However, there will hardly be any Android phone, which will give you a detailed analysis of your battery usage along with the help of graphs and stats. Therefore, to achieve this, Batter Widget Reborn, comes in the picture. Once downloaded, the app will be in your notification panel, and if you want to expand it and check the detailed graphs and stats of the battery usage, just tap on it.


Not only it shows the graphs and stats, but also holds the history of your batter performance. If you do not directly want to pay for the app, you can have a free trial of the same.

Price: Rs. 20.00


If you want to buy & download the app, Click Here

3. Weather Timeline

Searching for the most elegant app on Google Play Store? Weather Timeline from Sam Ruston is your answer. The beauty bar of the app is so high that all the other apps present on Google Play Store will be pale in front of Weather Timeline.


By now, you must definitely have figured out that Weather Timeline is an awesome weather app equipped with some of the coolest widget options and weather sources. You also get an option to twist the app as per your likings with many sets of themes and icons as well.

Price: Rs. 57.99


If you want to buy & download the app, Click Here

4. Solid Explorer Pro


Whether you are a student or a professional, file manager is the one thing you need in your Android phone. Therefore, to make your file managing process smooth and hassle free, Solid Explorer Pro is for you. Being one of the best-designed apps, Solid Explorer Pro supports various cloud services, which include USB OTG, FTP, and many more.

Price: Rs. 112.59


If you want to buy & download the app, Click Here

If you want to download the free version, please Click Here


5. Nova Launcher Prime

From the past few years, the demand for launchers has burgeoned among the Android users to get rid of stock Android look from their OEM devices, and today the launcher are more than they used to be.


Talking about the Nova Launcher Prime, it allows you to perform the deep customization, gives you more gesture actions than any other platform available in the Google Play Store. Though you can enjoy the free version also of Nova Launcher, but to experience all the cool features, we recommend you to buy the full version of the same.

With the help of Nova Launcher Prime you can swipe down anything on your home-screen, for example, bringing down the notifications, pinching out to launch Hearthstone and many more.

Price: Rs. 150.00


If you want to buy & download the app, Click Here

If you want to download the free version, Click Here

So, these were some of the best android apps for which you will have to loosen your pockets, if you want to experience their full versions. However, we can bet you that spending money on these apps will be worth every penny. Hence, go ahead and experience some of the best apps the Google Play Store has.

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