8 Best Free Android Apps

Searching for the Android apps is one of the most daunting tasks you may have to do in your life. The reason, search for a specific term and you can see the Google Play Store flooded with never ending list of apps, performing the same task, showing both the free and paid versions of the apps. However, still you can have an enriching experience with the free Android apps, and if you want some help, here is a list of 8 best free android apps for which you would love to go for.

1. Evernote

It has been so long that Evernote is the front-runner in the race of free Android apps when it comes to taking your quick notes. It has some great features like organizational features, compatibility of the app with other applications, device synchronization, and many types of notes.

Millions of people are using the app, and it is in their must-have app list. You all get the paid version of the app, which adds a few more features to your Evernote. However, the majority of people love to use the free version only.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

2. Dropbox

One of the most famous and widely used cloud storage is the Dropbox. It is completely free and very easy to sign up on the Dropbox. Once you register yourself, you get 2GB of storage space to start with. It is one of the best ways to back up your files, data and other important stuff. Now there is no need to carry any external storage device with you, just upload them to Dropbox. You also get an option to auto-upload files to Dropbox, once they are inside your mobile phone. It is one of the best free Android apps, and you must have it onboard with you.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

3. Google Photos

It is the recently launched app from the Google. As the name suggest, Google Photos is a great app to backup your photos and videos and the best part is, it is totally free of cost. Now you do not need any external drives to store your photos and videos.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

4. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts, you can call it the epitome of future text messaging. With the help of Hangouts, you can chat with the people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365.25 days per year; everything free of cost. The Hangouts also supports voice calls, video calls and can manage your device’s messaging services. So, you can call Hangouts, all-in-one app for messaging services.

If you have a Gmail account, you can readily use the Hangouts apps. It is the only app that is close to Skype in functionality.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

5. iHeart Radio – Internet Radio

The fifth in the list is the iHeart Radio. If you are a huge radio fans, iHeart is the one app, you must have in your Android device. As the majority of the phones do not have the inbuilt radio transmitters, iHeart is here to fill that void. iHeart Radio can practically stream any radio station you want to hear.

You can search for the stations, playing your favorite songs, or you can look for the channels playing your favorite talk radio programs. Not only this, you also have an access to thousands of radio stations around the world, recommendations as per your interests an alarms to set that will wake you with your preferred radio station. Everything you find here is available free of cost completely.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

6. Microsoft office Mobile

Over the past few years, Microsoft has made some really big moves on Android. Among them is launching the Android version of the Microsoft Office and that is completely free of cost. However, to make the full use of Android’s version of Microsoft Office, you need to download the OneDrive app, as everything will be saved in this app. The interface of the Microsoft Office for the Android is almost similar to the one you’ve been using on your PC. Also, you get the free storage space in OneDrive to save your stuff. Moreover, you can sync your OneDrive account with the PC and can have access to all the stuffs you have saved in OneDrive.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

7. Google Drive

Talking about the functionality, Google Drive is similar to Dropbox. However, the free available storage in Google Drive is way more than that is available in the Dropbox. In Google Drive, you get around 15GB of storage and if you want more, you can buy after spending a few bucks. This app is worth having because you can have some added features of office like applications like, Google Sheets etc. Moreover, you can work with other people in real time by sharing the sheets.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

8. Kindle

If you are an avid reader and loves reading books on your device, you cannot have a better app than the Kindle. As Kindle is connected to Amazon, you can expect a huge collection of books there. In its free version, you can have a superb collection of classics, meaning it’s time to get back to classics. Moreover, if you want your kids to read books, there are plenty of them. So just choose some children’s books and keep your kids busy.

If you want to download the app, Click Here

So, these are some really useful free Android apps that your phone must have. For your convenience, we have given the links, so if you want to download the apps into your Android device, just click on the links and you will be redirected to the app download page.

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