Apple iPhone 6S Review: The Thing That’s Changed Is Everything

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There have been a lot of excitement about the launch of Apple’s new iPhone6S, an iPhone with the ‘S’ badge has iOS 9 and more power under its hood.


s badge

It is a bit hard to tell the difference between the iPhone6S and its predecessors at a first glance but through this review, we have tried to tell you everything you need to know about the iPhone 6S.

Unboxing iPhone6S 

unboxing iphone 6s

There are fewer chances that the retail packaging of iPhone6S will surprise you. The box of iPhone 6S holds the phone itself, an A/C adapter, a tightly packed pair of EarPods and one lightning cable.


First of all let us talk about the design of iPhone 6S. On the outside, the design is nearly the same but not identical. However, it is super familiar to the users of its predecessor. The iPhone6S do not haDesign of iPhone6Sve the FCC markings as they are no longer required and hence, the company got rid of them. Now it looks a little bit cleaner though.

The main way to actually be able to tell if someone has the new iPhone6S or the older version is if they have new pink color. You may also call the color as Rose Gold. However, the real difference on the outside is that Apple is now using a 7000 series aluminum, which makiphone 6s side viewes the body stronger and prevents it from bending easily, even if reinforced internally around the volume button, you can’t see it but it is there.

Overall, the button placements, headphonejack, new switch etc. all the stuff is in the same place. It is still round in shape as of the predecessor. These rounded sides make the iPhone a bit slippery in the hands. Moreover, the new iPhone6S is thicker, wider and taller than its previous version and hence, the cases and skins form the last year won’t fit, depending on how precise they are.

Touch ID

touch ID

One of the best changes though on the front of new iPhone is the new Touch ID, which is the new fingerprint sensor. It is ridiculously fast, some might even say too fast that when you wake up your phone and unlock it with your finger on the home button, you might actually miss the notifications that you could have read on your lock screen. Therefore, you can unlock your phone with just a tap and there is no need to hold the home button for the longer time. Therefore, to check the time or notifications , you may have to go with the standard process, by pressing the unlock button present at the side of the phone.


The next big upgrade with the iPhone6S is on the inside. Technically, this iPhone is insanely fast and uses Apple’s new A9 chip. It is a dual-core chip with two powerful cores of nearly 2GHz and 2GB of RAM, which is plenty for iOS and multitasking is great, it keeps more apps in the memory now. The overall day-to-day performance is super snappy; frame rates are consistently high.

A9 Chip

So, overall the phone’s speed to open and close app is really quick and performance throughout is top notch.


Mobda Battery Test

You may disappoint with the news that the battery in the new iPhone6S is down to 1715mAh, so this is one idea that is actually worse to have a smaller battery. However, the battery life is still about the same, which means you can have a battery life of almost a complete day if you use phone normally. On the other hand, on a heavy day you may have to look for the chargers and plugs before the end of the day.



The next major change in the iPhone6S is the display. Now, the panel itself is still the same with the 13.34×7.50 IPS panel on the iPhone6S. However, the display now has some extra hard work to make it pressure-sensitive.

3D Touch

3d touch-1

Apple calls it the 3D touch and it is the iPhone’s biggest new feature. Do not get confused between the 3D touch and force touch. It is called 3D touch because it has multiple layers of pressure sensitivity and that’s what allows Apple call peak and pop. No one uses this terminology, but that is what Apple is calling it.

3d touch-2

So, when an app supports 3D touch and if you see something you like, you can press into it with a bit of pressure to ‘PEEK’ to see what it is. If you like what you see, you can press even harder to ‘POP’. The ‘POP’ is just a longer press that will help you in converting it to full screen. That is the essence of peek and pop.

It’s not just a long press can actually peek into something and let you decide that’s all you want to see. To get back to normal view, just release it that will minimize it back.

You can also use the 3D touch on the home screen, which will help you in reviewing the quick shortcuts. A couple of Apple apps support this.



iPhone6S has the rocking new camera with the 12MP sensor, has the same flash and mostly the same optics but with new sensors with the specs to back it up. The camera interface of iPhone6S has been some of the best balances of control and ease of use in any smartphone. It is super fast and responsive, and is extremely easy to take a great photo. It has a great exposure and a pretty good dynamic range. However, you can experience a little bit of noise in the photos, especially in the low light.

Jumping from 8MP to 12MP, it means that finally iPhone has enough pixels with which you can have the 4K video shoot for yourself.


No matter how much the device is perfect, there are always some cons in it. So, let’s see what all disadvantages the iPhone6S has.

  • No microSD slot
  • Pricey memory upgrades, 32GB version should be standard for such an expensive phone
  • Protruding camera lens makes the phone wobble
  • Lacks the optical image stabilization of the iPhone 6s Plus
  • NFC functionality limited to Apple Pay
  • No wireless charging, an infrared port, or FM radio
  • No enhanced resistance to liquids or dust
  • No user-replaceable battery

 If you are not already an iPhone user, you may find iPhone6S pretty interesting because of 3D touch, 4K video recording, ease of use and many other interesting features.

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