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Motorola has launched Moto X Play under phablet category to balance between the Moto X Style and Moto G with a screen size of 5.5”.  With numerous mind-blowing features packed in it, Motorola Moto X Play is one superb device. So, let us have a deeper insight about the device.

Moto X Play

Unboxing Motorola Moto X Play

Unboxing Moto X Play

The retail package of Motorola Moto X Play is made up of thin cardboard and is a victim of budget cuts. Inside the retail box you can find the device itself, a USB-to-microUSB cable, and an AC adapter. Yes, you guessed it right; there are no headsets inside the retail package.

Design & Build Quality of Motorola Moto X Play

As the device is for budget-conscious crowd, hence, it is manufactured with a polycarbonate body. We will not say it is a bad thing, in fact, many people would favor it over the device constructed with fragile glass or a heavy metal.

The phone’s plastic body has a shiny frame that goes till its sides, a little light grey on the black model and silver on the white ones.

Design of Moto X Play

The dimension of Motorola Moto X Play measures 148 x 75 x 10.9 mm, making it a reasonable and compact device. However, with the thickness 10.9mm the Motorola Moto X Play is the thickest smartphone available in the market and weighing around 169 grams. The back cover of Motorola Moto X Play is made up of soft rubbery plastic with the gentle waves all over it.

Display of Motorola Moto X Play

The Motorola Moto X Play offers a 5.5” IPS display with 1080p resolution that gives a pixel density of 403ppi. You get an LCD panel this year on Motorola Moto X Play, instead of the AMOLED screen.

If we will have a closer look, the Motorola Moto X Play has got an impressive screen. With the maximum brightness of 620nits, it is one of the best in the market. Moreover, if you enable the automatic brightness control, it can move even further to 760nits in direct sunlight. The contrast ratio of Motorola Moto X Play is also superb with 1504:1.

Display of Moto X Play

Not only the maximum brightness, but the minimum brightness is also mind-blowing. No matter how dark the room is, you can still see the screen with brightness set to its minimum level.

Battery of Motorola Moto X Play

In terms of battery, the Motorola Moto X Play is very generous. The phone is packed with a battery of 3,630mAh. Despite of the removable back cover, you cannot take out or replace the battery.

With the endurance rating of 85 hours, the phone has got the good reputation. With the full charged battery, you can make around 26.5 hours of 3G calls, 12 hours of web browsing, and 12 hours of video playback.


Performance of Motorola Moto X Play

You will never see Motorola deviating much from Android stock and it is the case with Moto X Play. You will not find any pre-installed app, apart from the Google Package apps.

Talking about the home screen, you get two options – either you can choose default Moto Display lockscreen or the Ambient Display mode of Android. As you do not get any LED notification light, so you would want to enable one in your phone.

Moto X Play Performance

The Motorola Moto X Play is equipped with a Snapdragon 615 chipset and features a dual quad-core CPU with one huddle of Cortex-A53 core clocked at 1.65GHz and the other at 1.11GHz. Talking about the graphics, Adreno 405 is in charge with a 2GB RAM on board.

Camera of Motorola Moto X Play

The Motorola Moto X Play is fitted with an excellent 21MP shooter. This superb 21MP Sony sensor is resting behind an f/2.0 lens with a phase detection autofocus. Not only this, you also get a dual-tone flash that will adjust the color of the flashlight, producing more natural results.

To launch the camera, just twist your wrist and the camera pops up in front of you in less than a second. This process will work every time, no matter whether your phone is locked; you are inside some app or even on your home screen. Basically, you can call it a universal camera shortcut. Another surprise for you, just twist your wrist second time and you camera will switch between front and rear camera.

Camera of Moto X Play

The camera’s user interface is clean with nothing but a rear/front camera toggle option and video capture button. You do not get any shutter option, hence, to take a snap, just tap anywhere on the screen. If you will long press the device on other hand, it will activate the burst mode, taking around 115 full-res shots in just 30 seconds with an impressive frame rate of 4fps.

Final Words

Moto X Play Conclusion

We are calling the Motorola Moto X Play a ‘Crowd Pleaser.’ It is as much compelling in reality as it is on paper. It is superb mid-ranger phone aspired with its flagship products and you cannot find even one area of disappointment in the device.

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