Samsung Galaxy A8 Review

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Sometimes you do not have to be the best if you are liked by the masses, and Samsung Galaxy A8 is the best example for it. Galaxy A8 is the thinnest smart phone Samsung has ever launched. Not only the thinnest, it is the biggest smart phone in the A series and have a 5.7” Super AMOLED screen. Despite of having a complete metal frame, the phone is still lighter and thinner.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Review

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy A8

Unboxing A8

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has one of the most attractive retail packages. You get a gorgeous blue color box, which has a one-piece, a micruUSB cable, three-button headset and one charger. The charger is a Quick Charge 1.0, v2.0, which gives 50 percent more power output, 15W. You also get a card eject tool that help you in accessing the card slots.

Design of Samsung Galaxy A8

Having the thickness of around 5.9mm, Samsung Galaxy A8 is company’s thinnest phone. Approximately 74 percent of the Galaxy A8’s front is covered with screen. With a 5.7” long length, Samsung Galaxy A8 is around 151g in weight.

Design of Samsung Galaxy A8

Below the screen, you get the traditional Home key that also works as the fingerprint reader. Moreover, when the backlight is off, the capacitive App switcher and Back keys fade completely, which leaves a cleaner impression of the phone’s design on the user. Above the screen, you get a 5MP selfies camera, the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the rest of the design of Samsung Galaxy A8 is similar, if you have seen all the recent Galaxy phones. However, one of the interesting features that A8 holds is you get two card slots no matter it is a single SIM version or the dual-SIM version. One slot is to hold the primary SIM and other to hold the microSD card.

However, the only difference in the single SIM version and dual SIM version is that in dual SIM version, the second slot holds either the SIM or the microSD card.

The Galaxy A8 comes with the 32GB built in storage, so you can use the phone without the microSD card also if you do not have much of the data. However, if you want to use a dual-SIM, then this model is a perfect fit for you, providing you with a lot of storage.

Display of Samsung Galaxy A8

Display of Samung Galaxy A8

As mentioned above, the screen of Galaxy A8 is huge with 5.7 inches and matches the Galaxy Note’s size. Display wise, the Samsung Galaxy A8 comes with the 1080p resolution with 389ppi, and has the Super AMOLED display.


You may be disappointed by the battery though. Installed with the 3,050mAh, non-removable battery, A8 is sailing in the same boat as of Galaxy Note5. However, you do not have to worry at all, because after battery tests, we found that you can easily get the 12 hours of web browsing and video playback. Moreover, you get around 25 hours of 3G Talk time.

User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has the latest Android 5.1.1 Lollipop that is the latest manifestation of TouchWiz surpassing all the previous A series phones and getting the premium treatment.

There is a fun fact that the Galaxy A8 can launch its camera in just 0.9 seconds and Samsung is proud of that. On the lock screen, you get a few shortcuts like notifications, and to launch the camera. As similar to the Galaxy S6, you can open the camera just by double pressing the home button. Moreover, you also get the weather information on the lock screen, which is not Samsung’s standard but is useful.

You can add the security to the lock screen with your fingerprints. The finger print reader is installed on the home button that is extremely easy to use.

One more extra feature that you have in A8 is the theme store. Because the preloaded themes in the phone are not that awesome, therefore, to give you more options, theme store is there. Themes not only change your wallpaper and icons, but also the icons of dialer, contacts, messages, and the notification area.

One more unique feature that you get is 100GB free storage in OneDrive. Yes, Samsung has partnered with Microsoft and hence, you get the OneDrive in your phone.

If we talk about the apps storage, then out of 32 GB only 6-7GB is reserved for the inbuilt apps. It means a 32GB internal storage is sufficient without the expansion of microSD.


Powered by Snapdragon 615 chipset or an Exynos 5430, the Samsung Galaxy A8 have octa-core processors, which include two groups of four 1.3GHz and 1.8GHz. the RAM in the Samsung Galaxy A8 is 2GB, a little disappointment here.

Overall, the performance of Samsung Galaxy A8 is superb, however, you may find a lag while 3D gaming because the GPU is only half-powerful. Still, the speed of processor is sufficient enough for most of the workloads.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy A8

The Samsung Galaxy A8 is equipped with a 16MP camera, having f/1.9 aperture. However, unlike Samsung Galaxy Note5, the camera of Galaxy A8 does not have the OIS and the sensor is also different, having the 4:3 native aspect ratio instead of 16:9.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy A8

You get the Pro mode in the phone but it is not as superb as you get in the flagship S and Note series of Samsung phones. You only get to adjust the white balance, compensation of exposure and the ISO. If you want more modes in your Samsung Galaxy A8, you need to download them. Some of the extra features include Rear-cam selfies, Sound & shot, Animated GIF and many more.

The camera of Samsung Galaxy A8 also includes the HDR, continuous shooting, night mode and Panorama and some of the color effects too.

If we talk about the video camera, in Samsung Galaxy A8, it can go up to only 1080p @ 30fps. If you are recording a FullHD video, they are recorded at the usual 17Mbps and the sound is captured at 256Kbps (stereo, 48kHZ).


Samsung’s A8 is one of the thinnest phone ever. With numerous positive aspects, the device has some of the negative features too. Let us have a look at them.

  • The battery is not user-replaceable
  • No IR port
  • No enhanced resistance to liquids or dust
  • No stereo speakers
  • No NFC, so no Samsung Pay

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