How To Play Music From Phone To Car?

Music has become an integral part of our life. No matter where we are, music must always be with us. Whether we are working in the office or driving the car, music tends to keep us focused and improvises our moods. Various researches have also proved that listening to music during the work increases our productivity by keeping our mind calm and focused. It also prevents us from the surrounding distractions. Hence, where almost all the mobile devices have GBs of internal memory, it is mandatory to load them with your favorite songs. However, there are numerous people who have no idea as how to play music from phone to car? So, to help you out, in this article, we have presented some of the easiest ways through which you can easily listen your favorite music while driving.

Primarily, to play the music from your phone to the care, there are four options available. Hence, let us have a look into those four options.


One of the most common and easiest ways is to use the Bluetooth of your car and phone to playback your favorite playlist of songs. The majority of the cars’ audio systems are equipped with the Bluetooth option for playing the music. The range of these Bluetooth is sufficient to cover the whole car. So, to take the advantage of this option, just turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and of the car. Make sure that both the Bluetooth devices are discoverable.

One of the best things about connecting your phone to car via Bluetooth to play music is that from next time, both the devices will connect automatically. So, once the devices are paired, you are done with connection thing. Just turn Bluetooth of both the devices and start enjoying your favorite playlist.

While connecting the phone to car via Bluetooth, you will have all the access to your music player. You can comfortably choose which song you want to play and which one you want to skip. Talking about the volume controls, you can control them through your phone or from your car’s audio system.

AUX Cable

The second option to play music from phone to car is to use the AUX cable. If you do not know what an AUX cable is, then it is a cable, which has 3.5 mm sockets at both the ends. So, just insert one end of the AUX cable into your phone and other in your car’s audio system and select the AUX mode in it.

As in the Bluetooth option, you will also have the complete access to the songs you want to select and play. Here also you can control the volume either through your device or from the car’s audio system.


The third option is to connect the phone via a USB cable. You can use the normal USB cable that comes along with your phone to achieve this. To connect your phone to the car’s audio system just connect one end of the USB cable to the car’s audio system and the other one to your mobile phone. Once you do this, the phone’s screen will show you the notification for USB Mass Storage/USB Connection Mode. So, now you can navigate in your phone’s song library through your car’s audio system.

However, keep in mind that, if you are connecting your phone to car from the USB cable, you cannot skip or play tracks of your choice through your phone. All your access of the song library will be in the car’s audio system. So, to play the song of your choice, you need to do it from the car’s audio system.

FM Transmitter

The fourth and last option to connect the phone to car to listen to the music is via the FM transmitter. The majority of the phones do have an inbuilt transmitter.

Talking about the connection, you need to download a free app such as Quick FM Transmitter, which can be used to broadcast your phone’s MP3 and other audio files from your phone to car’s audio.

If this option is not a feasible one for you, you can buy a low-cost FM broadcast device from the market. You can connect this broadcast device to your phone via the headphone jack and the other side of the device to the car’s charging point. The rest of the process is almost similar to the AUX cable option.

You will have the complete access to your songs and the libraries. You can control the volume of the music from both, your device and your car’s audio system.

So, these were the four important ways to achieve the connection between your phone and car’s audio to system to play the music. Doing so is not a daunting task, if you will follow all the instructions perfectly. Hence, go ahead and take the full advantage of your phone and car’s audio system. Connect them and enjoy your drive alone or with your loved ones. Dedicate songs, surprise them with their favorite playlist or songs.

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