How To Reset A Phone?

The chances are, you are reading this article because you are on the receiving edge with your phone freezing now and then. So, do not rip your hair yet. You are in luck! Read ahead to know how to reset a phone safely. Factory Reset is a powerful option on your phone that relieves you from the burden of the ill-functioning phone. But, it is a one-way process and must be a well-thought decision if you are preparing to reset your phone.

So, the typical scenario involves a device that has an issue allowing you access the factory reset option by navigating through the settings. So, this article is focused on helping you deal with the reset process. We have rounded up most of the common cases that require a user to think of a factory reset. The most common cases are problems with navigation, touch screen issues and trouble navigating on your device or even worse, your phone unwilling to power on.

If you have finally reached a conclusion, it means you are also fully aware of the risks of resetting your phone. Also, you are hopeful; it may save your device from malfunctioning. I will be instructing you to perform a hard reset is multiple ways without you having to use your phone’s touchscreen (need not be in on state).

Make Sure The Device Is Powered Off

Most importantly, you will have to ensure that your phone is in off state while you are attempting to make a hard reset. It is insufficient that you have your phone in a locked state (screen lock), so completely power off your device before you attempt resetting your device. But what to do if your phone is not responsive to the power button and pushing the power button long enough isn’t getting you anywhere? Then, you can pull away the battery from the phone to power down the device. Once you pull off the battery, count to ten before you reinsert the battery. Just don’t reinsert the battery right away after removing them.

You must also ensure that your phone isn’t plugged to a charger. The reset function will fail if your device is plugged to the charger and/or if it isn’t fully powered off.

Hard reset methods and procedures may differ

To perform a reset, you must be pushing a combination of keys. The key combos that will perform the reset will vary from one device to another and also the version of Android on the device. Suppose, you are operating a version of Android running 2.2 Froyo, and when you upgrade to 2.3 Gingerbread, the reset operation of the Froyo operating system will vary compared to the Gingerbread. Hence, if you have reset your phone using a certain key combo in Froyo, the same may not apply after you have updated to Gingerbread.

Occasionally, you will have to perform a sequence of reset to get the process right!

Note: You must be aware that a reset is a one-way process where you will flush your phone’s memory. The process will not harm the data on your SIM card and SD card under normal conditions. The reset will rectify any bugs, glitches, viruses, etc. But, making a backup before you attempt a reset is considered a safe precise.

Before Resetting Your Android Phone

Here is what to expect when you attempt a recovery process on your Android device. After you power down your device, hold the combo buttons and access the access the fast boot/testing/ recovery/ so on… and choose the reset. The phone will spring back to life. Normally, most phones take few minutes. Rarely, it could take as long as 15 minutes to complete the reboot process.  After you have completed the reboot process, the phone will start up as if it were brand new, You will be guided by a software wizard to complete the setup before you can use it.

Let’s get acquainted with the most common Reset methods:

  1. Power off the phone, press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down keys simultaneously and push and hold the power button as well till the device enters a test screen. Taking no longer than 20 seconds, you will see the active display. Then, you can let go off the buttons.

You can navigate through the options using the Volume Down keys till you have located the factory Reset. Using the Power button, you will have to make a selection.

  1. Power down the device and push and hold the Volume Down key, simultaneously, push and hold the Power button as well and wait for 15 seconds. Once you see the screen light up with options being listed, you can let go off the buttons.

Using the Volume Down key you can navigate the list of options till you have highlighted the reset option. You will see the Factory Reset, now press the Power key to make the selection.

  1. When your device is in off state, push and holds the Home button. When you keep the button pressed, power on the device by pushing the Power key as well.

Then, when you have seen the System Recovery screen, you must release the buttons you have been holding and use the Volume down button to navigate through the list. Look for “wipe date/factory reset” option. After you have highlighted it push the power key to select it.

  1. Power down your device, push and hold the Home key and release the Power button when you have the power button still pushed down.

Push the Search Key on the Android Recovery Screen.

Then tap the selection wipe data/ factory reset and press OK. If the screen continues to be non-responsive, use the volume buttons to scroll and Camera button to make the selection.

You must select “Yes” – It will erase all the user data, and then select OK.

Then choose “reboot system now” and press OK.

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