Top 10 Most Downloaded iOS Apps (Free) Of 2015 Named By Apple

App Store features all sorts of apps, while some are actually great and some are not. There are a lot of people who have no idea about which ones to download and which one to not. This is why we have presented you with the list of top 10 most downloaded iOS apps of 2015 which is named by Apple itself. And here’s the list that caught the attention of Apple:

Top 10 Most Downloaded Free iOS Apps 2015

1. Trivia Crack


Category: Games

Developer: Etermax

Trivia Crack is the latest game to achieve the top spots in both paid and free categories in the App Store. It is intriguing of a quiz title you would go to a sports bar in your neighborhood to battle in, and the gameplay is pretty much same as the Trivial Pursuit which is a classic board game.

Trivia Crack is a great addictive game, but like some other iOS apps in the market, the in-app purchases are so disappointing. Luckily you’ll be charged nothing to start the game, but you have to pay $2.99 to get rid of the annoying ads from the game.

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2. Messenger


Category: Social Networking

Developer: Facebook, Inc.

Facebook Messenger is a great instant messenger application that includes mighty group chat and quality VoIP calling. There are plenty of other messenger apps that claim to save you some bucks by embracing the function typically provided by your cell phone carrier. Cancel your voice and SMS plans, they claim, and use cellular data or Wi-Fi rather!

Facebook is the best bet in this category just by excellence of its nifty UI, tons of features, and large fan base. There’s an added benefit of not having to register yet another new account as well. Only thing the app lacks is the video calling feature. Every facebook user certainly want this app!

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3. Dubsmash


Category: Entertainment

Developer: Mobile Motion GmbH

Dubsmash is an amazing social innovation and an extraordinary potential comic tool. The crazy little videos you will create using the app may ruin real-time conversations between you and your allies, but at least it will be a humorous destruction.

If you are a fan of “Lip Sync Battles”, you will probably grasp the concept of Dubsmash. Pick an audio, whether it’s a song or a popular movie dialogue or even just a strange sound, and record a video of yourself to keep with it.

The limited video clip length and low video quality are the major drawbacks of this app.

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4. Instagram


Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Instagram, Inc.

Instagram is a very popular photo & video sharing app the needs just a few touches to create retro-looking works and then share it with Instagram members. The recent update lets you add filters to videos and share them to your profile just like you work with pictures.

The latest Lux Slider update gives you the ability to control the contrast and brightness. And Instagram finally added the support for portrait and landscape formats, which is very easy to use. But the one special factor about the Instagram sensation is how people have used it to create a tale on their routine lives through stylized pictures and videos.

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5. Snapchat


Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Snapchat, Inc.

Widely popular social network Snapchat earned a name for it by allowing you to share pictures and videos that automatically self-destructs in seconds. That is, Snapchat lets you establish a limited life-time on your shares so they are available just for a few seconds before getting removed automatically.

Although there’s surely a debate that the moments-long life-time is ineffective, Snapchat’s huge user base, particularly with young adults and teens, expresses differently. Obviously, there are lots of people out there who love cherish the thought of sending out private pictures and videos, without leaving any trace.

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6. YouTube


Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Google, Inc.

YouTube for iOS devices is the downright app for surfing the website ever since Apple bumped off its version from the iOS, and to be honest, it has been a huge improvement. But with the recent update, a renovated UI and new picture-in-picture video feature that allows the user to continue watching the video while browsing through other videos.

Same as the Website, with the YouTube iOS app you will be able to watch and upload videos, subscribe to your favorite channels, browse through your playlists and subscriptions, and lot more. The app starts with a video feed from your subscribed channels along with the recommended ones based on your watching behavior. No doubt this is one of the most downloaded iOS apps of 2015.

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7. Facebook


Category: Social Networking

Developer: Facebook, Inc.

With a nifty performance than the mobile website and instant access to your frequently-used functions, the Facebook iOS app is certainly the best way to connect with Facebook from your iPhone.

The app is updated regularly to give you the best of best, with a great new UI, advanced sharing options and a feature that helps you find your buddies who are nearby and meet up with them.

In previous versions of the iOS app, the UI was same as the Facebook’s website, but in latest versions, that’s all different. For example, the old navigation icons for Status, Check In and Photo at the top has been replaced by a new set of five icons.

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8. Uber


Category: Travel

Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc.

Getting a cab isn’t like moving a mountain, but it sure can be a trouble when you try hard but just can’t get the attention of any cab driver. Uber helps eliminate a lot of such difficulties out of the conventional ways of hailing a cab.

The idea leads to something like this: Download and install the free Uber iOS app for your iPhone, and use it to notify your need for a cab.

All you have to do is a few taps, and a nice, shiny black colored cab will show up within a few minutes to pick you up to your destinations. As your credit card is already saved on to the Uber app, you fare and tip will be collected automatically. Piece of cake, isn’t it?

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9. Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper


Category: Games


You have to know that Crossy Road is a simple arcade game that involves helping a chicken or other characters crossing the road safely. Characters can be crushed by cars, attacked by eagles, or drowned in water, but all those are carried out in a very cartoony way, without any blood.

While this game is available as a free download, there are around 90 different characters available for purchase, which can be bought using real money or in-game money obtained by collecting coins or watching advertisements shown in-game.

The app also lets you share your “fail pictures” of your character getting killed or the video of your gameplay to your Social Media profiles.

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10. Google Maps


Category: Navigation

Developer: Google, Inc.

Google Maps iOS version continues to lead the chart in navigation category leaving behind Apple Maps, with further improvements after the huge update of version 3.0 that comprised user-friendly ways to explore your neighborhood, advanced navigation features and the ability to give ratings. Though Apple Maps honestly got improved over the course of time, Google Maps continues to be the best iOS navigation till date, and it’s getting better.

The UI is especially neat and intuitive, and Street View, turn-by-turn voice navigation, Google’s accuracy of mapping and more details of interest in the Points of Interest (POI) database make a great deal.

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