Windows’ Word Flow Keyboard Is Coming To The App Store

Ask any Windows 10 Mobile users what they love in the interface features and obviously they point to its awesome Word Flow Keyboard – the combination of word correction, swiping and overall look & feel is hard to reproduce.

Well, you won’t require to buy a Windows smartphone to enjoy those subtle features in the near future. Microsoft is in the plans to bring this awesome keyboard to “other platforms,” setting out with iOS. Yup, you won’t have to get rid of that intimate typing experience just because you’re switching to (or required to use) an Apple device.


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It is not clear if something changes in the transition, though we would want the keyboard to remain intact for the most part.

The company is conducting a preview program that’s exclusive for Windows Insiders for now, but it is assuring an App Store release. It won’t be surprising to see an Android version one eventually, for that matter.

Besides, with the Cortana release (cross-platform) and other cross-platform Microsoft applications, you won’t be suffering from any Windows withdrawal symptoms at all in the future – expect the absence of the tiled home screen.

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